Discover everywhere, anytime on metrunner. Discover a new city on a holiday, stopover or business trip! Discover your own city when you work out! Discover places and stories! Collect points as you go!

How to play

  1. Read the map
  2. See those circles? Those are the control points
  3. Click on the circle to read description and score
  4. Run to a control point (middle of the circle)
  5. Click "Punch"
  6. You get the score of that control point!
  7. Continue until time's up
  8. Register your score on the scoreboard
  9. We award scoreboard toppers from time to time!

Note: you can play a game more than once, but if you register your score again, it'll overwrite your previous score for that game.

Technical requirements

Mobile device with Internet and GPS-geolocation. Registration, punching, game start and scoreboard registration etc. must be done with an active Internet connection.

We recommend that you buy a local SIM card for uninterrupted Internet connection.


Raphael Mak
Metrunner AB
Registered in Gothenburg, Västra Götaland, Sweden (#559203-0091)